Monday, March 17, 2008

What a Day at Disneyland!

Last week the kiddos and I went to Disneyland with Nonnie and Gramps (gotta love those annual passes for a few hours at a time with preschoolers...) Boy, what a day to forget my camera! It was the perfect day as we seemed to just breeze through all the rides and we learned that Mugger is a Roller Coaster Boy-- he LOVED his first time on the Matterhorn and Big Thunder. When we came off of Big Thunder, some Disneyland "cast members" even handed us a pair of Mouse ears (with the Year of a Million Dreams logo on them.) You can see Mugger, Nonnie, and I modeling ours in this pic:
So why are we standing in front of the Mark Twain riverboat? Because Mugger was invited up to the pilot house by the captain to "drive" it (which he will forever think he did, so don't ruin it for him!) He did a great job steering all the way around Tom Sawyer's island, and he and Bug both had fun blowing the whistle and ringing the bell.
The captain was fantastic and it was an experience none of us will ever forget! Nonnie told Mugger she had been coming to Disneyland since 1956 and she had never been up in the pilot house! Good thing Gramps had a camera on his cell phone!

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  1. Oh I love Disneyland! We were just there in the middle of February! :D


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