Saturday, July 9, 2011

Perfect Summer Evening

Sight: Small fire in the pit and 4 happy campers chowing down
Sound: Crackle, pop, mmmm and "This is the best dinner I've ever had!" (Mugger)
Taste: Grilled dogs & brats, s'mores, and in between, their new favorite fruit: grilled peaches. Warm, juicy perfection and liquid sugar pouring down our throats, my new favorite summer taste.
Feel: warmth from the fire, the sun on our backs, smoke-stung eyes, and warm bites of bliss
Smell: woodsmoke, lots of it

The kiddos visited Camp Lutherwood today and are all pumped up for 2 nights of Mini Camp in August, so we had our own mini camp when we got home. Can't wait for another evening like tonight...