Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mugger's Big Week

Well, Mugger ended up having quite a big week! Monday was Potty Training Boot Camp Day for Bug, so Mugger got to have a day out with Mama at the Discovery Science Center. His favorite exhibit upstairs was this magnetic wall with ramps and balls:However, the exhibit he spent a solid 30 minutes at was this "audio-kinetic sculpture" that I think reminded him an awful lot of his Mousetrap game! He was mesmerized!
So, if Monday wasn't enough excitement, on Wednesday, he braved the drizzly weather for his first trip to Disney's California Adventure with Papa and Gramps. He couldn't stop talking about the Mulholland Madness roller coaster when he got home!

To cap it all off, on Friday he and Bug spent the night with Nonnie and Gramps so Mama and Papa could finally have a Date Night. Such excitement for a 4-year old!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Book #2!

Mugger just read his second book, Ten Little Ladybugs, which I think was actually one of Bug's birthday presents. (His first was Green Eggs and Ham.) He remembered quite a few words, sounded out most of the others, and figured out a few from the pictures or rhyming patterns. Woo hoo! Could this be the birth of a bookworm?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Birthdays at Disneyland

The best thing about my dad and I having our birthdays 2 days apart is the excuse to celebrate together! Though this year, with the Great Pneumonia Battle, we celebrated a week late. It was still worth it, as you can see:
Bug's favorite part of the day was bouncing with Tigger-- she's still talking about it over a week later!

And with that, grandparents, I am caught up. Sorry February isn't chronological, but it will have to do! I'll try to do better next time and not wait until the whole 2GB card is full!

Uncle Bryan! Aunt Elisha!

January meant lots of family visits, as Uncle Bryan and Aunt Elisha were able to come out from Nebraska. The kiddos loved having their aunt and uncle all to themselves-- and they were certainly happy to take them to Disneyland as well!

Fiddletown, Jan. 2008

Right after New Years, we were blessed to be able to get away for a few days to Northern California, to the tiny town of Fiddletown, to visit my Grandma and Uncle Harry. As you can see, Bug LOVES her Great-Grandma!Of course, she also loves Uncle Harry, her birthday buddy, and took great delight in asking him to read her the same Dora book over and over again!
As you can see, Bug has no problem making her own fun when cooped up inside, as here she rolls around on the floor with her beloved pillow and her favorite blanket:
Mugger's idea of entertainment is tackling Papa! We brought games and toys, but horseplay is Mugger's favorite.
The last day we were there, we had plenty of time to entertain ourselves as the power was out all day during a very blustery rainstorm. Here's Mugger mastering our new favorite medium, the pipe cleaner. They were fun in the car and while housebound!
Every trip to Fiddletown is always an adventure-- can't wait for the next one!

New Year's Day 2008: Papa as "Joseph"

Had you asked us in November, we never could have told you that this was how we'd be starting 2008:That's Papa on the Lutheran Hour Rose Parade float as Joseph, waving to the opposite side of the street. I got to sit in the bleachers (3rd row!) but had to leave the hotel just after 4 am to do so, so Mugger and Bug got to spend New Years with Gramps and Nonnie this year. They didn't get to tour the float barn before the parade, so here's the part of the back of the float that Papa got to help decorate! (Mugger wanted the pic for posterity.)

Christmas afternoon, 2007

So after a morning of opening family presents and going to church, it was time to head to Nonnie and Gramps for a Christmas dinner of roast duck-- thanks, Aunt Jen! Both Mugger and Bug loved it to our surprise-- we never know what they're going to love from one day to the next.

When it was time to open presents, Mugger was very excited for Gramps to open his Cookie of the Month Club. We delivered the first batch: train-shaped sugar cookies. Mugger is looking forward to our monthly baking adventures... and to sharing with Gramps.I think Bug was a little confused by the present I made for Aunt Jen: a felted bag made out of an old wool sweater. As purse-crazy as she is, I guess I should be glad she didn't try to take it from her!

Christmas morning, 2007

Christmas Trains- -the long-awaited Part 2...

So, at long last, here is Gramps' masterpiece for Christmas 2007. Notice that there are not one, not two, but THREE trains running simulateously! Is it any wonder that Mugger is mesmerized by it all?Here's another shot with the completed village...
Yet trains for Mugger and Bug are not a once-a-year affair, for the back room at Nonnie and Gramps' house is covered with them 365 days of the year. I love the S curves under the elevated bridge!
And as you can see, it's never the same layout twice. Here Bug is admiring Mugger's handiwork in a shot 3 weeks after the one above...
Goodness it's nice Nonnie and Gramps have so much space for playing trains so the kiddos can get their weekly fix!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Clean Bill of Health

So Bug went to Dr. Chu this morning and was given a clean bill of health. No signs of pneumonia or the double ear infection after 10 days of Augmentin. Hopefully this will go down as THE illness of 2008 and we'll all be healthier from here on out.

At least I have no guilt now about Wednesday's trip to Disneyland!


OK, grandparents, I know I didn't even post in January of 2008 (what a great start to the new year, huh?), but I'll get those Christmas posts up sometime. I just finally put the pix on the computer last night, so maybe this weekend.

To tide you over: "futprens." That would be "footprints" or what Mugger just sounded out and spelled with his magnetic letters on the garage door! Mugger is diving into phonics lately, and I think we can officially say he's reading. Last week, we got out "Green Eggs and Ham" and he started sounding it out. I had to help with the sight words, but he's doing great!

Not only is he an eager learner, but he's a willing teacher. Bug can count up to 12, but gets mixed up in the teens. Last week in the car, Mugger announced that he was going to teach his little sister her teen numbers and the teaching session went something like this:

Mugger: Can you say 13?
Bug: 13
Mugger: Can you say 14?
Bug: 14
Mugger: Can you say 15?
Bug: 15
Mugger: OK, now say them with me... 13, 14, 15. Very good!

Next he'll be teaching her in Spanish, I'm sure!