Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Happy Easter Eve!"

...was Mugger's greeting to Bug this morning. Happy Easter Eve, indeed. Usually, we would have spent the morning at the church Easter Egg hunt, but since Mugger hadn't been on his antibiotic for strep throat for 24 hours, that option was out of the picture.

Plans for this evening's devotion time include our annual making of Resurrection Cookies, but this morning we made Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs, thanks to Family Fun.
First we put the eggs in a colander in the sink and sprayed them with vinegar. Then we dripped a drop of food coloring on to each egg and swished the eggs around in the colander. After letting the first color dry for 30 seconds, we did the same with the second color.
So here are Mugger and Bug with their yellow & green eggs and their red & blue eggs. And nobody has blue hands for church tomorrow!


  1. That explains why we didn't see you this morning. I pray Mugger is feeling better.

    I like the eggs. I look forward to next year when OUR Bug (#1, that is) can have fun with all this Easter stuff

  2. Hey, I am finally visiting your blog! Is this the recipe from the newsletter?

  3. Thanks for visiting, Anna and Amanda! Yes, it's the recipe from this month's MOPS newsletter, so thanks for putting it in, Amanda!

  4. Great Blog! We missed you on Saturday morning. I was impressed with how well it went. Josh had a great time.

    Thanks for sharing how well your egg coloring went. We didn't color eggs this year. But I may let the kids do it this week. Katie still enjoys it too :)


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