Friday, February 1, 2008


OK, grandparents, I know I didn't even post in January of 2008 (what a great start to the new year, huh?), but I'll get those Christmas posts up sometime. I just finally put the pix on the computer last night, so maybe this weekend.

To tide you over: "futprens." That would be "footprints" or what Mugger just sounded out and spelled with his magnetic letters on the garage door! Mugger is diving into phonics lately, and I think we can officially say he's reading. Last week, we got out "Green Eggs and Ham" and he started sounding it out. I had to help with the sight words, but he's doing great!

Not only is he an eager learner, but he's a willing teacher. Bug can count up to 12, but gets mixed up in the teens. Last week in the car, Mugger announced that he was going to teach his little sister her teen numbers and the teaching session went something like this:

Mugger: Can you say 13?
Bug: 13
Mugger: Can you say 14?
Bug: 14
Mugger: Can you say 15?
Bug: 15
Mugger: OK, now say them with me... 13, 14, 15. Very good!

Next he'll be teaching her in Spanish, I'm sure!

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  1. Looks like the teaching genes are moving on down the family line!


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