Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving '07

Thanksgiving this year was one of our quieter ones, just the 4 of us and my sister, Jen. The kiddos were more than happy to have Aunt Jen all to themselves, though. She came early to play games with Mugger and help us cook-- though with some interesting logic Mugger tried to convince all of us he had made most of the meal since he had helped me shop for all the dishes!After our feast, we headed down to the beach. The kiddos and Papa did some sandcastle-building (the only reason the beach exists, as far as they're concerned) until Jen & I came to get them to check out all the wildlife in the tidepools. Mugger had fun rock-scrambling with Aunt Jen, spotting the little fish and hermit crabs, and both he and Bug liked watching the "sea enemies" (sea anenomes), as he called them.
At dark we headed home for pumpkin pie. Mugger seems to be as crazy for pumpkin pie as his parents, so the 4 pies I made Wednesday were gone by Sunday. (Well, one went home with Jen...) Good thing the kiddos were such good help at making them!

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