Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bug's 2nd Birthday Party

Bug's birthday party was at "green park" (as the kiddos call it) again this year. Bug wasn't too sure about a crowd of people all arriving to greet her-- she spent the first 20 minutes hiding under the playground equipment! She was eventually coaxed out though, and really warmed up once Papa drew her a picture of her beloved Jeep with some of the chalk we brought to play with. Mugger did great in his party planner role, as all our guests had handwritten nametags that he presented the moment they arrived.
Bug did great at blowing out the candles on her Old MacDonald cake, but she was not at all interested in opening presents. She opened hardly any that day or the next day (which was her actual birthday.) Here she is in a sweater from her godparents that she finally opened 2 days later. Being that it was very cozy-- and pink (uh oh!)-- she was happy to model it for the camera.

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