Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines 2012: Love those free printables!

This year for Valentine's Day, the kiddos decided to do something a little different. In the past they've always made molded chocolates (or crayons!) for their friends. This year, we went in search of free printables on the Web.

Mugger decided to give his classmates pencils after we saw this great download at Sweet Muffin Suite. Arrows are sufficiently boyish enough for valentines, don't you think?
Bug decided to use 2 ideas we found on the web. First, she wanted to use this awfully cute valentine download from Secret Agent Josephine that I've had bookmarked for 3 years now. But then when she saw this sticker matchbook valentine idea on Alpha Mom, we knew we had to combine the two:
There were even enough designs that every classmate got a different valentine:
Then it was my turn to use free printables for valentines. Back at Christmas, I had saved this idea from Let's Explore for a Year of Dates with your child. Her printables were great, but not for me since the kiddos call us Mama and Papa, not Mom and Dad. When I saw this download at Life As Mom for free printable valentine coupons, I knew I was set.
We wanted to give the kiddos each 3 dates with Papa and 3 dates with Mama. Our outings will be:
  • a breakfast out with Papa
  • a lunch out with Mama
  • a trip to bowling (for Mugger) or to the bounce house (for Bug) with Papa
  • a trip to the bookstore with Mama
  • an outing outside with Papa
  • an outing to an inside destination with Mama

And then, since I had extra coupons left, I made up a few more for one-on-one time with Papa or Mama in the form of a project:

  • baking cookies with Mama
  • cooking a meal with Papa
  • a craft project with Mama
  • a wood project with Papa

So that's the list! It could take us until next Valentine's Day to get through them all, but I'm hoping that they'll enjoy them enough that they'll want a repeat next year anyways.

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