Monday, March 2, 2009

100 Days!

Well, Mugger had his 100th day of kindergarten last week, and boy, is it going fast! They each had to bring in a collection of 100 items and had a grand time sharing them. Mugger was especially happy that his friend, Dalton, brought in 100 Uno cards and they all got to play. So what did Mugger bring? He brought this:It's a mosaic of a photo of Mugger and Bug... made from 100 different photos. This was Mugger's idea, an adaptation of a Christmas gift Papa made this year. You have to double-click on it if you haven't yet...

They had "100" activities all day long, things like seeing how many peanuts they could crack open in 100 seconds-- he can do 6. Mugger's favorite was seeing how many times he could jump in 100 seconds-- he made it to 220. He loved this activity so much that he had to repeat it with Bug after school at home-- good thing I have my stopwatch still from my coaching days. Bug jumped 226 times in 100 seconds and Mugger got past 250. (He would remember the exact number.)

So that evening, I asked him what he likes best about kindergarten so far, and of course, the answer is still the 3 recesses a day. That boy loves playing as hard as he can, as witnessed by his dirty jeans when he comes home... We talked about some of the other things that have made kindergarten memorable: the nature walks, Libbie Mae and the other "friends" they get to take home, and the monthly field trips. Yes, monthly! That still blows my mind. So far they've gone to pick blackberries at the KOA campground (where they also had a teddy bear picnic), out to a local farm to pick pumpkins, to the grocery store to shop for the soup kitchen (with delivery by llama), to the Storybook Village out at the Albany fairgrounds, to a lunchtime outdoor concert at OSU, and to see the new lambs at the OSU sheep barns. This week for their March field trip, they're off to the community college to see a production of Charlotte's Web.

Kindergarten sure is agreeing with our boy...

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  1. Boy's smart - it doesn't get any better than recess.


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