Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Big News!

In case we haven't told you yet, Mugger and Bug (along with their Papa and Mama) are moving to Corvallis, Oregon! We weren't looking to move at all (being that Nonnie and Gramps are here and not there), but when we visited the church there last weekend, we knew it was God telling us it was time to move. So... sometime this summer, late June perhaps, Mugger and Bug will be residents of the Pacific Northwest.

I don't think Bug has any idea what's going on, but when we told Mugger that we'd be moving, he was quite excited. We had told him that we were visiting Corvallis last weekend in hopes that God would give us the answer as to whether we should move, so when he saw us Monday morning, he asked, "Did you get the answer?" When we told him, he said, "Yes! That's the answer I was praying for!"

Anyway, here's a sample of the record-breaking weather during our visit to Corvallis:
Yes, that's snow and Papa went mountain biking in it immediately after this pic. We could have taken our picture in hail as well since Corvallis was experiencing some very unusual April weather. There was sleet, rain, and sunshine, too, so it was a bit of everything.

Mugger and Bug did not join us for this trip, though hopefully they will for the house-hunting one. They stayed with Nonnie and Gramps and insisted sleeping on the floor together the night we returned-- Bug thought she should get to sleep on the floor, too, if Mugger got a sleeping bag. Such precious kiddos!

And not nearly so earth-shattering, but their Spring Portraits are in the slideshow now! Enjoy!

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