Friday, December 14, 2007

Santa Claus & Snow Come to Town

Last Saturday was the day a local realtor trucks snow down to a parking lot here in town so California kiddies can experience snow! Montana-born Papa thinks this is hysterical, but I never want to miss it since it's all the fun of snow without the 2-hour drive to the mountains! I must admit that it's pretty funny to see the snow corralled in a chain-link fence though. Anyways, Mugger had a great time playing "Snow Fight" (as he called it) with Papa, and Bug enjoyed her first experience (in her memory) of playing in the snow.
We also had the seasonal sleigh ride with Santa (in his California sleigh on wheels), though I must say we still don't know exactly what to do with the whole Santa issue. Mugger knows that Christmas is about Baby Jesus and has even asked me if Santa is just a character like Caillou (from his favorite TV show), but I think it confused him to be asked what he wanted Santa to bring him for Christmas! Oh well, we'll just let his mind sort it all out until he has more questions. For now we'll keep our focus on counting down the days until Baby Jesus' birthday.

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